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Marketing Matters Live!
with your hosts Tim Reisterer and David Kinard
Live Show Time: Wednesday (9:00AM - 10:00AM PST)

Original Air Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jesse Wacht, President, describes eBroadcasting and shows why companies are using it today. Key learning points:
  • Strategies for addressing the communication time crunch while differentiating your company
  • Specific communication efficiency goals for your company, based on a powerful case study
  • Elements of eBroadcasting, and how each enables improved cost- and time- efficiency

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    Jim Griffith, "Griff", the voice of eBay Radio joins Jesse Wacht to show how eBay’s 4-year-old, ongoing eBroadcasting initiative has brought visible, recognized advantages to eBay’s customer and reseller community. Griff also shares what eBay has learned along the way.

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    Jesse Wacht, President, explains how marketing and sales cycles can be made more effective and efficient using eBroadcasting tools and practices.
    How to:
  • Match specific eBroadcasting components and methods to each phase of the cycle
  • Communicate more – and more relevant – knowledge, in less time, and at the right moment for each prospect
  • Boost sales success by enabling marketing to engage, educate, and motivate prospects more efficiently
  • Bring these same benefits to employee and customer communications

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    Lee Mirabal, Vice President of Programming at wsRadio joins Jesse Wacht to discuss...
  • Advantages of Internet Radio over other media and why it works
  • How it can work as a powerful competitive weapon -- despite the ease with which it can be implemented
  • How to use Internet Radio in 4 types of eBroadcasting initiatives: for prospects, customers, employees, and sales channels.

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