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Marketing Matters Live!
with your hosts Tim Reisterer and David Kinard
Live Show Time: Wednesday (9:00AM - 10:00AM PST)

Original Air Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jesse Wacht, President, joins former Southwest Airlines CEO Howard Putnam to recap the essential elements of eBroadcasting. Insights include:
  • Why to “address” every company stakeholder – employees, customers, and business partners – with every message you deliver, regardless of media
  • How eBroadcasting saves time and hassle for trainers, corporate communicators, marketers, even CEOs
  • Why eBroadcasting cost savings and convenience show up at the bottom line
  • How to boost competitiveness by building trust with—and increasing transparency for—company stakeholders.

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Jesse Wacht and Howard Putnam look closely at the creation and use of Multimedia Knowledge Tools and eLessons, both powerful tools in the eBroadcasting suite. Learn who can author these tools (hint: virtually anyone), and why they work so well to solidify and expand the knowledge introduced in private radio talk shows.

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Jesse Wacht, MentorU, and former Southwest Airlines CEO Howard Putnam go in-depth on one of eBroadcasting’s four primary missions: rapid knowledge transfer to employees. Find out:

  • How eBroadcasting can build morale by connecting company leaders “1-on-1” with employees
  • Why process is just as important as technology in eBroadcasting to this key audience
  • How communication variety and modularity can help employees spend more time producing—and less time sifting through the clutter
  • How to co-opt employees by making them part of the message

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Drama in real life! Jesse Wacht, MentorU, and former Southwest Airlines CEO Howard Putnam play the roles of Training Manager and CEO in their interpretation of a scene unfolding in more and more corner offices: “Boss, I want to eBroadcast.”

With Howard as vigilant CEO and Jesse as earnest corporate educator, this segment serves as an effective “FAQ” on eBroadcasting – especially if the “Q’s” are the kind chief executives ask.

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MentorU eBroadcasting makes marketing, corporate communications, and training easy. Your custom-branded eBroadcast center includes:


Easy-to-use self-authoring tools perfect for subject matter experts

Powerful media management, distribution, delivery, and tracking gives you complete control over knowledge sharing

Complete hosting of all media is available

And more.