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Marketing Matters Live!
with your hosts Tim Reisterer and David Kinard
Live Show Time: Wednesday (9:00AM - 10:00AM PST)

Original Air Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Jesse Wacht, President, joins author and virtual communication expert Dr. Jaclyn Kostner to examine the challenges of working in virtual teams, and how eBroadcasting addresses those challenges. Insights include:
  • Why the human element — empathetic, story-based communication that puts concepts in human terms — is so important for effective communication
  • How less content — but more communication — can keep people "tuned in"
  • Keys to building a team culture when the team is dispersed globally

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Jesse Wacht and Dr. Jaclyn Kostner discuss the underlying communication strategy critical to virtual team success. Learn:

  • How FedEx used a daily broadcast to employees to build the "absolutely, positively overnight" culture
  • How eBroadcasting enables companies to reinforce vision and build team culture
  • Keys to building virtual teamwork, including message consistency, production quality, and on-demand availability
Listen for access keys to more in-depth eBroadcasting medium: the multimedia exploration of virtual teamwork via another eLesson.

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Jesse Wacht, President, and virtual communication expert Dr. Jaclyn Kostner discuss common communication mistakes made by virtual teams, how to avoid them, then shows how these principles enabled phenomenal business performance at "NonStop" tech legend Tandem Computers. Key success strategies include:

  • Get important knowledge out quickly
  • Reinforce the team culture at every opportunity by consistently incorporating the human element
  • Donít overuse email (or any single medium): use a mix of interactive and on-demand media, in small, digestible "chunks," indexed for easy retrieval
  • Depend on agendas, execution, and on-demand access--not memory--to get the word out.
This segment also provides access keys to related, on-demand knowledge segments retrievable via cell phone.

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In this engaging final segment, virtual communication expert Dr. Jaclyn Kostner shows President Jesse Wacht how to spice up a not-so-imaginary product launch "eBroadcasting style."

  • Jackie shows why "touchology" out-communicates "technology" with todayís virtual teams, reeling off eight quick ways to turn a bullet-based feature-and-benefit parade into an engaging, varied, and dramatically more effective communication
  • Jesse "learns" the wisdom of focusing on key points and communicating details through an appropriate media mix (and shares access instructions so listeners can experience just such an alternative format, featuring expert Kostner).

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