MentorU eBroadcast Systems

Customers are busy people, too!

But keeping in touch and in tune with customers helps them get the most from your products and services … stay abreast of new product developments … and put your competitors in the “proper perspective.” It’s also the best way to generate cross-sales.

eBroadcasting is the ideal way to provide customers the knowledge they need—and the knowledge you want them to have—just-in-time, in right-sized “nuggets” that entertain, inform, explain, and help generate more revenue. With eBroadcasting you can achieve:

  • Higher customer retention rates. Because customers get more from your products, they’re less likely to go away. Plus eBroadcasting makes your company easier and more fun to work with.
  • More wallet share and higher revenues. Easily communicate product advantages and new features, and stay “in front of” customers as their needs evolve.
  • Lower support costs, with less need for phone support thanks to fun-to-use multimedia product tutorials and FAQs

Use eBroadcasting for specific customer initiatives, or convert entire training, support, and marketing programs. Your customers will thank you – with their checkbooks.