MentorU eBroadcast Systems

Imagine employees who know the what, why, and how for everything you need them to do—all the time. That’s business effectiveness—just the kind you need in today’s competitive environment.

Now imagine making that knowledge easily available, in a timely and appealing format medium that significantly enhances productivity. eBroadcasting is the ideal way to:

  • Maximize business performance by giving your team knowledge in a way that enhances work schedules instead of disrupting them: as on-demand, just-in-time, right-sized “nuggets” that entertain, inform, explain, and educate.
  • Boost productivity by giving employees the information,  motivation, and know-how they need to work more effectively and efficiently — and by not wasting their time with communication methods that simply no longer work.
  • Get a higher return on marketing, corporate communication, HR, and training budgets. Self-authoring tools let you communicate more effectively while leveraging company and industry knowledge.

With business complexity rising and employee attention spans headed the other direction, eBroadcasting is the right communication tool for our time.