MentorU eBroadcast Systems

We began in 1999 with a Founding Faculty of forty-one authors, consultants, speakers and trainers, who banded together within MentorU to explore how to best deliver their knowledge to clients via the Web.

Those faculty members and the experts we have added since were chosen because of their professional recognition via a combination of credentials, degrees, awards, research and/or exemplary “field” track records.

Over the last eight years (2001-2008), it became apparent that shorter more concisely delivered "media chunks" were needed to cut through the increasing clutter and information overload of the recipient.

That's what eBroadcasting can accomplish while still insuring that knowledge is deliver directly from the expert (including your internal team members as well as external experts like our faculty) to the recipient (your customer).

Dr. Tony Alessandra Hear Radio Interview
Bill Bachrach  
Gregg Baron  
Rick Barrera  
Sheila Murray Bethel  
Susan Bird Hear Radio Interview
Marjorie Brody Hear Radio Interview
Bill Brooks  
Michael Bungay Stanier Hear Radio Interview
Leslie Buterin Hear Radio Interview
Dr. Jerry Cahn Hear Radio Interview
Gayle Carson  
Bill Cates  
Jim Cathcart  
Eric Chester Hear Radio Interview
Roger Crawford  
Jeff Davidson  
Stephanie Downs Hear Radio Interview
Todd Duncan  
Dr. Gerry Faust  
Al Fitzgerald Hear Radio Interview
Patricia Fripp  
Jeffrey Gitomer  
Warren Greshes  
Joyce Gioia-Herman and Roger Herman  
Don Hutson  
Shep Hyken  
Bill Jensen Hear Radio Interview
Sandy Karn  
Dr. Jaclyn Kostner Hear Radio Interview
Dr. George Lucas Hear Radio Interview
Scott McKain Hear Radio Interview
Timothy McMahon Hear Radio Interview
Tom Olivo  
Tony Parinello  
Dr. Joan Pastor  
Dr. Terry Paulson  
Howard Putnam Hear Radio Interview
Nido Qubein  
James Ray  
Nancy Roebke  
Mark Sanborn  
Barbara Sanfilippo  
Pamela Truax  
Bill Staton  
Dave Stein Hear Radio Interview
Daniel Teitelbaum  
Kevin Temple Hear Radio Interview
Julie Thomas  
Brian Tracy  
George Walther  
Orvel Ray Wilson  
Thom Winninger  

MentorU eBroadcasting makes marketing, corporate communications, and training easy. Your custom-branded eBroadcast center includes:


Easy-to-use self-authoring tools perfect for subject matter experts

Powerful media management, distribution, delivery, and tracking gives you complete control over knowledge sharing

Complete hosting of all media is available

And more.