MentorU eBroadcast Systems

Channel sales start with channel mindshare. eBroadcasting can get you that mindshare. After all, resellers are like everyone else – they’re after maximum profits with minimum effort.

eBroadcasting makes it easier for channel partners  to focus on you and your products – and easier to sell them. On-demand eRadio, multimedia, and other easy-to-author content are the ideal means to:

  • Keep resellers in the know. eBroadcasting makes it easy to get the word out and keep it current. When price lists, sales tools, configuration requirements, and incentive plans are easy to access, resellers can make you very, very happy.
  • Maximize revenues from promotions and product rollouts. Everyone launches programs and products – make yours the ones resellers enjoy learning about.
  • Lower sales support costs. Self-service content authoring simplifies things for you, and easy content access means fast, easy, cost-effective answers for your channel partners.

It’s no secret that channel partners can be fickle. Using eBroadcasting to be their favorite supplier lets everybody win.