MentorU eBroadcast Systems

When prospects know what you know about your product or service, they’ll want to buy. The trick is getting the word out – in a way that compels them to listen.

eBroadcasting makes it easier – much easier – for you to tell your story, and for prospects to really “hear” it.
And because you’ve made it easy and fun to learn about you, prospects are more likely to become customers. eBroadcasting gets you:

  • Higher click, conversion, response, lead, and acquisition rates – with less effort for marketing staff
  • Greater efficiency, because product managers and other experts can easily self-author online “collateral”
  • More clout in the executive suite, as marketing delivers measurable results and facilitates superior communication company-wide

Think about it. You can deliver key marketing messages on your schedule, while prospects hear them on their schedule, when they’re most receptive. That’s win-win marketing.