Company Radio Shows:
Weekly or monthly shows created for a specific, targeted audience (typically Prospects, Customers, Employees or Sales Channels) – in talk radio, fireside chat, or other engaging format.

  • Since these shows are private company shows we can only discuss how companies like IBM and USPS have utilized.

Association Shows:
Similar in format to Company Radio Shows, but typically featuring industry experts of interest to a professional or trade association’s members. Ideal for promoting value-added, revenue-enhancing services

  • While most Association shows are for member only access, the American Marketing Association has a public show. This sample segment from a show on eBroadcasting is a good example.

Special Event Shows:
Broadcast live from trade shows, conferences, field events, company “Town Hall” Forums, or other event. Powerful draw to busy audience members; useful for boosting subscription revenue.

  • Live from MPlanet: Remote broadcast from convention floor at MPlanet 2006. Tim Reisterer, Co-host of Marketing Matters Live!, joins host David Kinard to highlight the American Marketing Association’s largest annual conference.

  • eBay Town Hall Meeting: Bill Cobb, President of eBay North America, joins a panel of guests and moderator Griff to take questions from eBay users across the globe in a recent eBay Town Hall Meeting.

  • Field Event from Miramar: Recorded live on the flight line of the Miramar Air Show, hear all about “Top Gun” and F/A 18 aircraft with Captain Richard Butler.